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Tell them, “The Butler Did it!”

All of your home and lawn needs taken care of.

Inside Home Repairs

Have a project you’ve been meaning to get to? Don’t have time to take care of that repair you’re always going to get to next weekend? No worries! We can help.

Interior Trim

Whether you need to repair some interior trim or replace some that has been damaged, you can trust us to make sure it’s done right.

Drywall & Repair

Had some water damage? Accidentally damaged your drywall? Don’t stress we can make repairs and finish any project you need help with.

Room Remodel

Been thinking about remodeling the bathroom or kitchen? Ready to get it done? We’re here to help! Big or small, give us an opportunity to serve you.

Hang Pictures or TVs

Want your TV to be level and not fall out of the wall? Don’t stress, give us a call. We’ll hang your TV correctly and safely. We can also take care of pictures for you.

Hang Blinds

Blinds…you can see them and we can hang them for you. Don’t stress over not having the time or patience to take care of it. Give us a call today.


Need to add rails in your bathroom around the toilet or in the shower? Need to replace handrails in your staircase? No worries! We can take care of it.

Laminate Flooring

Finally getting rid of that carpet? Want to put in some economical and durable flooring? Let us put your laminate flooring in for you.

Outside Home Repairs

Ready for outdoor entertaining? Have some repairs you need taken care of? Gutters still clogged from last fall? It’s all good! Tell them the Butler took care of it.


Need the driveway, sidewalk, deck or siding powerwashed, but don’t feel like doing it? Good news…we do that and we’re glad to serve you!

Gutter Cleaning

Ladders…heights…we know you’re scared of heights. Don’t stress, we won’t tell anyone. We’ll clean your gutters and make sure you’re preventing other issues.

Deck Repair/Resurfacing

Need repairs to your current deck or need to resurface it? Yeah…we do that! Let us help you!

Deck Staining

Protect the life of your deck and enjoy being in your outdoor space by restaining your deck. Add life and enjoyment while we do the work!

Handrails and Steps

Need to replace hand rails or add rails on a porch? Stairs rotting or need to be replaced? Good news…we’re here to help take care of it for you.

Sidewalk Repair

Step on a crack…wait don’t! Need your sidewalk repaired? Good news, you don’t have to plan your Saturday around it. We’ll take care of it for you.


Want to have an enjoyable outdoor entertainment space or need repairs to your current patio? Give us a call for a free estimate.

Lawn & Landscaping

Want your lawn and landscaping to look great, but don’t have the time to take care of it yourself? Don’t stress, just tell all your friends the Butler did it!


Keep your yard from looking like a jungle! We can regularly mow your lawn, so you can enjoy your weekends and evenings without having to worry about it.


Need new mulch in the landscaping? Want to be the envy of your neighborhood? Let us take care of your landscaping needs. Call for a free estimate.


Who likes trimming their hedges? Want your hedges to look beautiful without stressing over it? That’s what we are here for. Give us a call.


Keep those sidewalks and patios looking awesome. 

Lawn Cleanup

Been meaning to get the yard all cleaned up and situated? Good news. We will do it for you. All you have to do is give us a call today!

Flower Beds

Want a beautiful flower bed without doing the work? Boom! That’s what we are here for. You call. We answer. Your neighbors tell you how awesome you are.


Weed-eating has to be done. You don’t like it, but it still has to be done. Why not let us handle it for you? We actually enjoy it and we’d love to serve you.

About Butler's Home & Lawn

After 30 years of serving people in a part-time capacity, I finally did it! In 2019, I left my full-time job and started this adventure. My passion is serving and I enjoy using my gifts and abilities to do that! If there's a way I can serve you, your family or your business, I'd love the opportunity. Whether you need a project done indoors or outdoors, just tell everyone, "The Butler did it."

-Tad Butler

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“Tad provided an accurate quote, showed up on time and was incredibly respectful of our home, while he painted and fixed some drywall issues. We’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for help.”

Billy L.

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